Event Schedule 活动日程

Our Year of the Dragon celebration event will kick off at 4:00 PM on February 3rd at the Point Park University Pittsburgh Playhouse with cultural displays and a food tasting. You need to purchase tickets online in advance; each $20 ticket can be exchanged on-site for $25 (5x$5) meal vouchers (That’s 20% off. Offer is for online only). Please bring your purchase receipt for voucher redemption at the event.

Tickets for the Year of the Dragon Gala performances are available in three tiers: $29, $39, and $49. Enjoy a 20% discount if purchased before December 17th.

我们的龙年庆祝活动将从二月三日下午四时,在Point Park University Pittsburgh Playhouse以文化展示和美食品尝拉开序幕。每$20入场券可以在现场兑换$25 (5张$5) 代餐券(相当于八折优惠,仅限网购)。请凭借购买收据,在活动现场兑换餐券。

龙年春晚演出票含$29, $39, $49三档,12月17日前购买将享受八折优惠

Cultural Exhibition & Food Booth Service

Pittsburgh Playhouse

4:00 – 7:00 PM

Lunar New Year Gala Performance

PNC Theater

7:00 – 9:00 PM

Pittsburgh Playhouse
350 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222


Direction and Parking

Praises for Lunar New Year Gala

I always enjoy so much seeing all of the performances. They’re always so beautiful

– Lindsay Williams
PA State Senator

I love this event, because what it really does is it brings multiple generations together.

-Rich Fitzgerald

Allegheny County Executive

Lunar New Year is the most important holiday celebrated by many international communities all over the world. This year Pittsburgh Chinese Culture Center (PCCC) collaborates with Point Park University’s Pittsburgh Playhouse for the second time to present Greater Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala celebrating the Year of Dragon.

今年,匹兹堡华人文化中心(PCCC)再次与Point Park大学的Pittsburgh Playhouse合作

In order to immerse yourself in the traditional way of celebrating Chinese Spring Festival, we will provide dumplings, noodles, and other traditional Chinese New Year dishes for the first time before the Gala performance. Each dish has its unique flavor and meaning. Flavors of food vary from sour, sweet, spicy, and even bitter, representing a wide range of tastes from northern to southern regions of China. The Pittsburgh Chinese Culture Center would like to wish you happiness, prosperity, longevity, and fortune by providing traditional dishes.

The Pittsburgh Chinese Culture Center will also have exhibitions of traditional Chinese art and craft, such as calligraphy, paintings, traditional Chinese music instruments, paper cuttings, and others. It is important for us to preserve our culture and family values as well as sharing them with the world.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Greater Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala on February 3rd, 2024 at the Pittsburgh Playhouse!





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We’re calling for dedicated volunteers to contribute their time and skills. Experience the joy of preserving and sharing Chinese culture while earning a certificate for your valuable volunteer hours. Make a difference with us!



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