PCCC Art Group was founded in September 2016, with the first president of the group being Ying Zhang, the second being Hong Tao, and now the current president is Yi Zhang.

PCCC Art Group is made up of a group of people who love life, singing, dancing, and drama performances. This is a very inclusive group with warm and welcoming hearts. They are active on the stages of various communities in Pittsburgh, showing the spirits of the Chinese population.

The main purpose of the PCCC Art Group is to provide a platform for all Chinese and non-Chinese people who love art and give them an opportunity to show their talents and exchange common hobbies among friends. It’s a way to enrich the leisure life of the Chinese community in Pittsburgh.

Currently, PCCC Art Group consists of big and small choir groups, a dance team, a Qipao team, and a drama club as well. Each team has regular (weekly) learning and rehearsal activities with a professional instructor. The Pittsburgh Chinese community has two major events every year, the Golden Autumn Chinese Cultural Festival and the Chinese New Year Gala. Furthermore, in order to enhance the bonding between everyone in the group, outdoor activities are held, such as spring outings, autumn outings, and fruit picking in the summer.

The following is a list of the organizers:

President of PCCC Art Group: Yi Zhang, responsible for all activities and arrangements.

Vice presidents of PCCC Art Group:
Shengli Xu, responsible for all outreach activities.
Caixia Wu, responsible for content and program quality.
Zhixun Ma, responsible for event and publicity arrangements.

If you love art, singing, dancing, Qipao, drama performances, or just want to have a great time with a group of welcoming people, please join our big family!

WeChat contact details are as follow:

Cixi9711 (Yi Zhang)
Zhixunma79 (Zhixun Ma)
Wxid_tsgc0gyf7p8122 (Shengli Xu)
Wcx1093587895 (Caixia Wu)
Wxid_gn8eexd3enq612 (Hong Tao)
Zhangxiaoying796607 (Ying Zhang)


 《匹兹堡华人艺术团PCCC Art Group》成立于2016年九月,第一任团长张小莹,第二任团长陶红,现任团长张屹。




wxid_gn8eexd3enq612 (陶红)