Get ready to celebrate
the Year of the Dragon with us!

Tickets for the Greater Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala are now sold out. Performers, staff, and volunteers are ready to present you with a happy and wonderful show on February 3rd.

Watch PCCC Chair of the Board, Dave Jiao, along with Mr. Zhu, the owner of Chengdu Gourmet, and Tao, a PCCC board member, appear on a CBS TV program, discussing Lunar New Year traditions and food.

匹兹堡中华文化中心董事长Dave Jiao,老四川祝师傅和董事阿涛,受邀登上匹兹堡电台,介绍春节传统习俗与饮食。

Pittsburgh’s Chinese organizations wish all friends in the greater Pittsburgh area a prosperous Year of the Dragon. Wishing the Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Center a successful Lunar New Year Gala.

匹兹堡各华人社团,祝大匹兹堡地区所有朋友,甲辰龙年大吉大利。祝华人文化中心龙年春晚顺利举办。我们2月3日晚七点Pittsburgh Playhouse见.

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