Performers 表演艺术家

Jin Yang 杨瑾

Master Pipa performer. Ms. Yang is a leading Pipa soloists of her generation. She graduated from world-renowned Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing with distinguished honor for her master’s degree. As a guest musician of Yo-Yo Ma’s “Silk Road Ensemble”, she joined the Great music epic “Layla and Majnun” world tour since 2016. Jin is an instructor of University of Delaware Master Players Concert & festival and an adjunct pipa instructor at University of Central Oklahoma. Her performance vivifies contrarieties of sentiments and inspires magnificent imaginations. 杨瑾女士是青年琵琶独奏音乐家中之翘楚。她以全额奖学金的优异成绩考入中央音乐学院。并获保送资格免试攻读中央音乐学院硕士学位。作为“丝绸之路合奏团”的特邀音乐家,自2016年以来,她参与了大型音乐史诗Layla and Majnun的世界巡回演出。杨女士是University of Delaware Master Players Concert & Festival的指导教师,并在University of Central Oklahoma担任兼职琵琶教师。她的演奏栩栩如生,激情奔放,引人入胜。

Xue Li 李雪

Sichuan Opera Face-changing artist. Ms. Li is one of the most prominent female face-changing artist in a once male dominated field. She was featured in 1998 Chinese Central TV’s Spring Festival Gala and acted in many Chinese movies and TV series. She has visited and performed in more than twenty countries and performed for President Obama and first lady Michelle, former Presidents of France and Czech Republic. 青年川劇演員李雪女士是绝无仅有的女变脸传承人。她曾登上1998年的中央电视台春节联欢晚会,并参演了多部影视作品。她的表演足迹遍及20多个国家,并曾为多位外国领导人演出,包括前法国和捷克总统,以及美国的奥巴马总统夫妇。

Lv Weizhong 吕维忠

Lv Weizhong (吕维忠) – Peking Opera artist. Mr.Lv is a disciple of the renowned Peking Opera performer, Mr. Zhang Jianguo (张建国). He is the leading “Lao Sheng” actor of the Cangzhou Peking Opera Troupe, and has collaborated several times with the National Peking Opera Theatre in major performances at venues such as the Mei Lanfang Grand Theatre in Beijing and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York. Additionally, he has been involved in the filming of numerous movies and TV dramas. 吕维忠 著名京剧表演艺术家张建国先生入室弟子,沧州京剧团当家老生演员,曾多次与国家京剧院合作在北京梅兰芳大剧院、纽约林肯艺术中心等地进行重大演出活动,并参与多部影片、电视剧的拍摄。

Feihong Song 宋飞鸿

Ms. Song is the daughter of renowned Peking Opera artist Song Baoluo (宋宝罗). Under her father’s influence, she started formal Peking Opera training from a very young age. Song has been actively promoting Perking opera through a variety of exhibitions and lectures and is frequently invited to perform Peking opera. 宋女士是著名京剧演员宋宝罗的女儿。在父亲的影响下,她从很小的时候就开始接受正式的京剧培训。宋女士通过各种展览和讲座积极推广京剧,并经常受邀进行京剧表演。

Hanbo Liu 刘瀚博

Pianist, composer, singer, and songwriter. Hailed as “one of the most talented and creative young pianists today” and “an all-around musician,” he has performed over 80 concerts in the United States and China. Hanbo is a graduate of the Juilliard School in New York City with a master’s degree under the instruction of the world renowned pianist Yeheved Kaplinsky. He is the first place winner of the prestigious Juilliard Piano Concerto Competition in New York City in 2013, and the first place winner of Supernova Chinese American National Singing Contest in 2014. 刘瀚博先生是著名的钢琴家、作曲家、歌手和词曲创作人。被誉为“当今最有才华和创意的年轻钢琴家之一”和“全才音乐家”,他在美国和中国举办了80多场音乐会。刘瀚博先生毕业于纽约茱莉亚音乐学院,师从世界著名钢琴家Yeheved Kaplinsky。他曾荣获2013年纽约茱莉亚音乐学院钢琴协奏曲大赛第一名,并于2014年获得超新星华人全国歌唱大赛的第一名。

Beo String Quartet

With 65 world premieres to its credit and 145 concert works played throughout the United States, South America, and Europe, the iconoclastic Beo String Quartet does what it loves best: playing classical repertoire, contemporary, rock, and experimental music. 贝奥弦乐四重奏以其独创性而著称,他们拥有65部独创作品,并在美国、南美和欧洲开办了145场演出。该四重奏团擅长演奏古典、当代、摇滚和实验音乐,具有其独特风格。

Christian Saehle

Singer Norwegian-American Pop Artist Christian Saehle is a dynamic force merging the worlds of pop and rap. Fresh on his second tour this year, Christian has been turning heads with the release of his compelling mixtape,”DOOMSDAY.” With a dedicated following exceeding 100k across all platforms, he’s already marked his territory with topping hits like “MA LOVE.” In the realm of emerging artists, Christian Saehle stands out as one of the future’s brightest stars. His talent, combined with his brand’s strong and diverse identity is helping to redefine the pop music landscape of this decade. 挪威裔美国流行艺术家Christian Saehle成功将流行音乐和说唱融合了在了一起。在今年的第二次巡演中,克里斯蒂安以令人印象深刻的混音带DOOMSDAY引起了轰动。凭借在多个平台上超过100,000的忠实追随者,他以热门单曲《MA LOVE》等歌曲成为未来最耀眼的明星之一。他的才华,加上自身强大而多样化的特色,正在重新定义未来十年的流行音乐格局。