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玉兔迎春春入户,金莺报喜喜临门!由匹兹堡中华文化中心主办的2023大匹兹堡兔年春节晚会1月21日除夕之夜在匹兹堡市中心的Pittsburgh Playhouse PNC 大剧院完美举办,为到场的近六百位观众呈现了一场美轮美奂的视听盛宴!

The Jade Rabbit welcomes spring into homes, and the Golden Oriole brings joy to the doorstep! The 2023 Pittsburgh Lunar New Year’s Eve Gala, hosted by the Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Center, was held flawlessly on the night of January 21st, the eve of Chinese New Year, at the Pittsburgh Playhouse PNC Grand Theater in downtown Pittsburgh. It presented a magnificent audio-visual feast to nearly six hundred attendees!晚会在捲龙舞狮队的锣鼓声中热闹开场,灵动的舞狮穿梭在舞台和观众席之中,为晚会增添浓浓的欢快氛围!

The gala kicked off amidst the lively beats of the dragon and lion dance troupe. The agile lions moved gracefully through both the stage and the audience, adding a strong sense of festivity to the event!

匹兹堡中华文化中心董事长焦德泉先生,Point Park大学教务长,常务副校长Michael Soto先生,Pittsburgh Playhouse负责人,Point Park大学艺术系主任Garfield Lemonius先生首先上台,代表主办方和协办方致辞,感谢所有董事,义工,赞助商的鼎力支持,欢迎所有观众的光临,最后三人用中文共祝所有观众朋友兔年大吉!

Mr. Dave Jiao, Chairman of the Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Center, Mr. Michael Soto, Provost and Executive Vice President of Point Park University, and Mr. Garfield Lemonius, Head of the Art Department at Point Park University and representative of Pittsburgh Playhouse, took the stage first. They delivered speeches on behalf of the organizers and co-organizers, expressing gratitude for the strong support of the directors, volunteers, and sponsors. They warmly welcomed all the attendees and concluded their remarks by extending their best wishes for a prosperous Year of the Rabbit in Chinese.


The Xiaobo Waist Drum Team, Yanlai Dance School, Pittsburgh Chinese School, CMU Dance Troupe, and the Cultural Center Art Troupe’s Little Apple Dance Team collaborated to deliver a lively and magnificent opening dance. They beautifully showcased the joyous spirit of the Chinese culture as the Lunar New Year approached, bringing an atmosphere full of excitement and delight!

阿勒格尼郡郡长Rich Fitzgerald先生,匹兹堡市副市长Jake Pawlak先生,宾州参议员Lindsey Williams女士相继上台致辞,赞扬华裔在大匹兹堡地区以及阿勒格尼郡的卓越贡献,期待和大家一起共度新春!

Mr. Rich Fitzgerald, the Allegheny County Executive, Mr. Jake Pawlak, the Deputy Mayor of Pittsburgh, and Ms. Lindsey Williams, a Pennsylvania State Senator, took the stage one after another to deliver speeches. They praised the outstanding contributions of the Chinese community in the Greater Pittsburgh area and Allegheny County and expressed their anticipation of celebrating the new spring together with everyone!


The evening’s program officially began with the appearance of the three seasoned hosts: Luo Meichen, Zhou Yuxuan, and Zhang Zijing. They were not only charming and youthful in appearance but also displayed clarity of thought and eloquence, along with a delightful sense of humor.

开场舞之后的第一个节目由匹兹堡中华文化中心艺术团合唱团团员们闪亮登场!团员们倾情演唱《这世界那么多人》《童年》,为全场观众带来听觉盛宴,感叹音乐的精灵与美妙。指导老师许筱婷,指挥许筱婷,领唱昕云,钢琴Jason Lu

After the opening dance, the first performance featured the shining members of the Pittsburgh Chinese Cultural Center Art Troupe Choir! The choir members passionately performed songs such as ‘这世界那么多人’ and ‘童年,’ treating the entire audience to an auditory feast, evoking admiration for the enchanting and beautiful world of music. The choir was guided by their teacher, Xu Xiaoting, with Xu Xiaoting as the conductor, Xin Yun as the lead singer, and Jason Lu on the piano.

接下来小提琴大师高翔先生,钢琴大师Matthew Brower先生一起合作一曲《不必如此》,让观众领略到古典音乐之美。之后再度联袂与双赢功夫太极师傅合作中国古典音乐最优美的桥段之一《化蝶》,悠扬的琴声,太极师傅曼妙的动作,配合美轮美奂的灯光配合,给观众带来无与伦比的视听享受。双赢功夫太极师傅Melissa Jenkins, Roisin Tsang, Alaric Heiss, and Sydney Kazcowoski

Next, violin maestro Mr. Gao Xiang and piano virtuoso Mr. Matthew Brower collaborated to perform the piece ‘不必如此,’ allowing the audience to appreciate the beauty of classical music. Following this, they once again joined forces with the Double Win Kung Fu Tai Chi Masters to perform one of the most beautiful segments of Chinese classical music, ‘化蝶.’ The melodious sound of the violin, the graceful movements of the Tai Chi Masters, and the splendid lighting effects combined to provide an unparalleled audio-visual experience for the audience. The Double Win Kung Fu Tai Chi Masters included Melissa Jenkins, Roisin Tsang, Alaric Heiss, and Sydney Kazcowoski.


Renowned Peking Opera master, Ms. Tong Xiaoling, the second-generation inheritor of the Tong School of Peking Opera, and the talented Xie School laosheng (painted face role) inheritor, Mr. Jie Guofang, collaborated to present the classic Peking Opera piece ‘梨花颂.’ With their exquisite singing, movements, and melodies, both Ms. Tong and Mr. Jie conveyed the essence of traditional Peking Opera to perfection. They were accompanied by the graceful dance team ‘Mei Zhi Yun Qipao Dance’ from the Cultural Center Art Troupe, choreographed by Wu Yanlai, and guided by teacher Wu Caixia.


Hip-hop music, much loved by young audiences, was not absent from this Spring Gala. The scene performance ‘算你狠,’ brought to the stage by Xu Xiaoting, a graduate of the Vocal Department of the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy, Pittsburg University’s top ten singer Lihuang Siliang, and Chen Jiacheng, was a breath of fresh air. Their rap was unique and transcendent, incorporating different musical elements such as regional dialects and classical Bach melodies, offering the audience a refreshing and exhilarating experience. The performance was guided by teacher Xu Xiaoting.


The renowned Yanlai Dance School from Pittsburgh presented the classical dance ‘宫廷仕女’ at this Spring Gala. The dancers’ graceful steps and exquisite performance showcased the characteristics of women’s dance in ancient China. In their fluid and subtle movements and the serene cultural mindset they portrayed while dancing, they exuded the charm of femininity. The dance was choreographed by teacher Wu Yanlai from the Yanlai Dance School.

美国华裔优秀青年歌手,“中国之声”北美十佳歌手薛艺茗登台演唱又一次将晚会推向高潮。一首单曲《Simply The Best》,曲调和谐优雅,激励每一个人成为最后的自己。紧接着一曲《忘情桑巴舞Hot Samba》则瞬间引爆全场,让所有听众都能忘记烦劳,开心跳舞。伴舞Emily West, Cameron Wood.

Outstanding young Chinese-American singer and one of the ‘Top Ten Singers of China Voice’ in North America, Xue Yiming, took the stage and delivered a performance that brought the gala to its climax. With her rendition of the song ‘Simply The Best,’ the harmonious and elegant melody inspired everyone to be the best version of themselves. Following that, her rendition of ‘忘情桑巴舞Hot Samba’ instantly ignited the entire audience, allowing all listeners to forget their worries and dance with joy. She was accompanied by dancers Emily West and Cameron Wood.

晚会协作方Pittsburgh Playhouse选送的舞蹈《Now I am ready》也是可圈可点,该舞蹈作品荣获2022 年大学秋季学生编舞项目的Tomayko 编舞大奖。观众沉浸于音乐强烈的质感和舞者优美的舞姿,用如此优雅和细腻的方式展现出力量和曼妙,尽显粗狂原始之美。编舞Nina Pollzzie,表演者Morgan Manning, Drazen Wilmers, Brianna Caldern, and Lexi Jordan.

The collaborative partner of the gala, Pittsburgh Playhouse, presented a remarkable dance performance titled ‘Now I am ready.’ This dance piece received the Tomayko Choreography Award for the Fall 2022 University Student Choreography Project. The audience was captivated by the powerful music and the graceful movements of the dancers. They showcased strength and elegance in such an elegant and delicate manner, revealing the beauty of raw, primal emotions. The choreography was by Nina Pollzzie, and the performers included Morgan Manning, Drazen Wilmers, Brianna Caldern, and Lexi Jordan.


The grand orchestral performance of the gala featured the Haihua Youth Symphony Orchestra, led by Zhu Huan, the former principal violinist of the China National Opera House, and the Yang Jin Chinese Orchestra, nurtured by Yang Jin, a graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music. They joined forces for the first time, bringing together both Western and Chinese instruments to celebrate the arrival of the Chinese New Year. They performed the piece ‘快乐的萨丽哈,’ characterized by its lively rhythm, pure and beautiful melodies, and a rich flavor of Kazakh folk music. This presentation showcased a group of vibrant and youthful individuals full of wisdom and energy, and the cheerful tune and beautiful music got the audience dancing along.


Next, the performance by the renowned Chinese master magician, Mr. Li Peng, left the audience amazed and delighted. Mr. Li Peng skillfully blended traditional Chinese face-changing art with modern magic in his performance, creating a show that was not only highly entertaining but also full of humor. As the audience marveled at the traditional face-changing art performed by Mr. Li Peng, they were suddenly taken aback when they saw the face of President Biden changing in an instant, eliciting laughter and astonishment throughout the audience.

大多数华人对《孔雀舞》并不陌生,但为何大匹兹堡兔年春晚上演绎的《孔雀舞》更是惊艳新颖?领舞者Matthew Saggiomo以男性的力度和张力,将开屏的雄性孔雀契合的惟妙惟肖,令人叹为观止!舞者手臂和腰部的动作传递优雅和幸福的情绪;光影配合下的灵活步伐,仿佛孔雀在昂首阔步;转身举起手臂又仿佛孔雀在展开翅膀。观众无不沉浸其中,如痴如醉。其它表演者来自燕来舞校的Sadie Han, Linda Kong, Hanna Singhi, Katherien Hu, Sophia Gombos, Augrey Zheng

Most Chinese people are familiar with the ‘Peacock Dance,’ but why was the rendition of the ‘Peacock Dance’ at the Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala so astonishingly novel? Lead dancer Matthew Saggiomo, with his male strength and tension, perfectly embodied the grandeur and grace of the male peacock displaying its vibrant plumage. The dancers’ arm and waist movements conveyed an elegant and joyful emotion, while their flexible footsteps, combined with lighting effects, made it seem as if peacocks were strutting proudly. The dancers’ graceful arm movements also resembled the peacock spreading its wings. The audience was completely captivated by the performance. Other performers from the Yanlai Dance School included Sadie Han, Linda Kong, Hanna Singhi, Katherien Hu, Sophia Gombos, and Augrey Zheng.

晚会随着好莱坞歌星Josh Moreland的登场再次进入高潮。莫兰德首先演绎一首用中文演唱的《月亮代表我的心》,以其优美的旋律和动人的嗓音,赢得全体观众的深深共鸣,歌曲的后半段更是齐声吟唱,沉浸其中。接下来的一曲《Bring me down》,以其令人窒息的音乐节奏,极具动感的舞步,瞬间引爆全场,全场尖叫声不断!此次著名歌星莫兰德再次亮相大匹兹堡春晚,一静一动,圈粉无数!

The gala reached another high point with the appearance of Hollywood singer Josh Moreland. Moreland began by performing the Chinese song ‘月亮代表我的心’ (‘The Moon Represents My Heart’). With its beautiful melody and his soul-stirring voice, he deeply resonated with the entire audience. During the latter part of the song, the audience joined in, creating an immersive experience. He followed this with the song ‘Bring me down,’ characterized by its exhilarating musical rhythm and high-energy dance moves. It instantly ignited the entire audience, eliciting continuous screams and applause! Josh Moreland, the famous singer, once again graced the Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala with his presence, and with his remarkable performance, he won the hearts of many!


In addition to enjoying the dazzling visual and auditory spectacle at the Pittsburgh Lunar New Year Gala, the live audience also had the opportunity to win some fantastic prizes! During the middle of the event, lucky audience members were randomly selected to receive the gala’s lucky grand prizes, which included tickets to a concert by the piano virtuoso Lang Lang in Pittsburgh and the best-selling range hood from FOTILE. It was a great start to the new year with a string of good luck!

美好的时光总是太短暂。在晚会的最后,由薛艺铭和Josh Moreland领衔演唱《we are the world》,今宵难忘,期待明年再会。在全体观众的鼓掌欢呼声中,全体演职人员一同上台谢幕,祝福所有大匹兹堡地区的华人朋友们新的一年宏图大展,兔年大吉!

Good times always seem to pass too quickly. At the end of the gala, led by Xue Yiming and Josh Moreland, the performers sang ‘We Are the World.’ Tonight was unforgettable, and we look forward to meeting again next year. Amid the applause and cheers of the entire audience, all the performers took the stage together to bid farewell, wishing all the Chinese friends in the Pittsburgh area a prosperous and lucky Year of the Rabbit!

(注:感谢摄影师Allen Lin, Dylan Sun, 孙旻,陈宗孚记录晚会美好瞬间)

Thanks to the photographers Allen Lin, Dylan Sun, Min Sun, and Zongfu Chen for capturing the wonderful moments of the event.


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